Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Kids Kicking Cancer, has a black belt in Korean Karate. Rabbi G (as he is referred to by his students) lost his daughter to leukemia at the age of two and brings plenty of experience and personal sensitivity to dealing with children and families. His commitment to alleviate the pain of very ill children, and dream of healing through martial arts led to the creation of Kids Kicking Cancer in June 1999.

Kids Kicking Cancer Israel is part of the Global Kids Kicking Cancer, which began in 1999 with ten children at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and is now empowering over 5,000 children in 48 hospitals in 5 different countries. 

Kids Kicking Cancer’s Mission is to ease the pain of children who have cancer and other chronic and serious illnesses while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Kids Kicking Cancer Israel is dedicated to lowering the pain of children through the teaching of martial arts as a therapy. Children learn breathing techniques, meditation and traditional karate movements that empower them to teach others and thus gain purpose within their lives.

Our young cancer patients teach other children with challenging illness and even adults how to “breathe in the light and blow out the darkness”. This has extended into the creation of a Heroes Circle program dedicated to lowering the pain of all children regardless of disease.





Opened in Israel

Top Ten CNN Hero


Kids Kicking Cancer began with 10 pediatric oncology patients at Children's Hospital of Michigan, USA

48 hospitals

in 5 countries

Conduct 3500 sessions with children, Open new locations, Initiate VR Program


New Locations:

Rambam Medical

Center Haifa Save a

Child's Heart Holon

Reach 1 million

children worldwide